Friday, September 17, 2010

5 days to go!

Can't believe I am coming to the end of my first pregnancy, expectantly awaiting the arrival of my first child!! WOW! It has just flown by and I know the days, weeks, and years ahead will go by just as quickly. Our life truly is a vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away, as the Lord says in His Word. But I am trying to embrace every day, every new things, each change and enjoy it and remember and cherish it! I don't want to ever hold too tightly to the past that I cannot enjoy today or look forward to the future!

Baby is still in breech position, so the doctor has scheduled us in for a cesarean on Wed. Sept 22nd at 7:30am. So unless he/she moves into the correct position before then, we will have a baby on Wed! I am very excited about it and frankly am really ready to have this one! Because his/her head is up there is a lot of pressure on my upper tummy and it is getting more and more uncomfortable to carry this one each day! But I am SO thankful that I have not had any major complications other than the breech and baby and I are both very healthy. The doctor even checked my cervix to see how I was doing for future VBAC and I am already 3cm dilated, so if baby was head down I would be ahead of the game for labor. But God knows what He is doing and I am continually reminded of His care and love for me every day!

And through all of this I have the most wonderful, supportive and godly husband who has encouraged me each step of the way! God truly blessed me with Stephen and I thank the Lord for him every day! He truly is my best friend, my confidant, my companion, my leader, and my lover! And he was SO worth the wait!!! We are just such a blessed couple and soon to be family of our own! It is wonderful how God designed all this, to leave father and mother, cleave to each other and weave our lives together, starting another generation for His glory!! May the Lord protect our home and make us godly companions and parents!

Friday, September 3, 2010

External Cephalic Version

Well, yesterday was full of "first's" for me at the hospital. I've never had a broken bone, a bad tooth, or anything that was necessary for me to be admitted to the hospital so this was all new for me. But all that changed and I now have a better appreciate for what people go through in the hospital. Our baby is still breech and so our doctor advised us going through with an external cephalic version in which he would try to rotate the baby into the correct head down position by pressing on my belly. So yesterday was the day and this is our story.

We woke up VERY early 4:45am and got ready to arrive at the hospital, Erlanger downtown, at 6am, only to find the Labor and Delivery ward in lock down. They have a new system that locks them down if a baby's tag is missing from the ward or if some other security problems occur. So we waited in the stairwell for 10 mins and were finally admitted. Because things were now running behind there was a flurry of nurses directing us to our room, asking me lots of questions and getting things started. One nurse needed to take 2 vials of blood for lab work for the anesthesia I would be getting, and as seems to be usual for me, took her two attempts with the last being in my hand and very painful. Another nurse was asking me a truck load of questions as she typed the answers in on the computer, I'm guessing for my file. Then another nurse started putting in an I.V. in my other arm from the nurse with the blood vials. This was a first for me and also very painful. I'm not a fan of needles in general, but I soon found out that was the order of the day!

The anesthesiologist came into the room and asked more questions, one being if we had eaten that morning. No one at the doctor's office had told us we shouldn't eat. We had had some breakfast and he said that since we had eaten he advised us not getting the anesthetic until my stomach was empty, just as a precaution against any problems. Our doctor, Dr. Barker, then came into the room, wheeling the ultra-sound machine in with him. He checked baby and sure enough, baby was still head up breech. He then talked with the anesthesiologist about the food issue, didn't really agree with him, but still decided to go with his recommendation and the version was re-scheduled for 12noon.

So we had 4-5 hrs of waiting in the hospital for the procedure. We both tried to sleep, or nap some, but had a few interruptions from a nurse and phone calls. Then we watched some TV, the Food Network which probably wasn't a good idea for two very hungry people, until it was time to get the show all rolling again for noon.

Our nurse came in and re-hooked me up to the I.V. After a few mins I was shivering again as I had done that morning and I asked her if it was the I.V. that was making me cold and she said it was. Again this was all new to me. So she brought me a warm blanket which helped. Then the anesthesiologist and assistant came in to put in the spinal anesthetic. I was told to sit Indian style on the bed with my back bowed out. Then when they started to inject me she said it would feel like a really big bee sting. Oh my, bee sting indeed, it hurt something awful and I was a big baby and cried! Then they decided to put the epidural catheter in just in case something should happen during the procedure and they need to take me for an emergency C-section. I could feel the little tube going in, a very strange sensation and then she said to expect a feeling like an electric shock in my leg which I did immediately! It was all a bit un-nerving for me, but I tried to just hang in there and it was done and I was on by back again. I could start feeling a very warm sensation going down my legs. Then my nurse put in a catheter for my urine, which was equally as awful and a first time for me with that too!! Dr. Barker came in and was talking to us a little and mentioned that he met a colleague who was a 'high-risk pregnancy' doctor and had lots of experience in turning babies. So he was going to come in as well to see if he could help with the procedure. By this time I was feeling lots of itching in my chest, back and legs, and told my doctor who looked to see how I was doing, but it started to go away.

Then they started the procedure. They lowered the upper part of the bed so my hips were higher than my head to get baby to move out of my pelvis and try to turn. He tried turning the baby to the left first, didn't work, then tried to the right, and again didn't work. Then the other doctor came in and discussed some things and he tried quite a few times. They kept saying that my uterus is just very narrow and my abs were very tight and wondered if I worked out a lot or did sports to which I laughed!!!!! At least I know I have tight abs! Anyway it seems there is not enough room in there to get the baby's head started down and his/her hips out of my pelvis. So after quite a few tries they decided it wasn't going to happen. The nurses all said that this other doctor was very good and if he couldn't move the baby then the chances are no one else could either. So we were thankful we had him too. I was initially disappointed, but I know they did all they could and it truly is in the Lord's hands. Baby could still move into position on his/her own if they can tuck up tighter to turn so we will have to see.

Then it was waiting time for the anesthesia to wear off. It was about 30 mins after the procedure that it started and this was the worse thing yet! I started shaking, had been doing so anyway from the IV, but this was worse and the itching started. It was like chicken pox itching times 10!! It was so bad, it was like a burning severe itch and the shaking was getting worse too. So Stephen called the nurse in and she gave me a narcotic to help with the itching and shaking and within 30 seconds I was drugged up and nearly asleep. I could still feel some itching, but nothing compared to what I had done.

During all this time, Stephen was by my side supporting me, holding my hand or resting his hand on my shoulder. I was probably squeezing his hand blue when they put the spinal injection in and he was there to wipe my tears. I truly have the best husband in the world, so supportive and caring.!

We had to stay at the hospital until the spinal and the narcotic wore off and I could walk and go to the bathroom. We were finally out of there by 4:30pm. Then while were were eating dinner that night I remembered that the nurse was supposed to give me another rhogam injection for my blood type issue, and she hadn't. So we called the doctor's office when we got home and talked to the on-call doctor. He called the hospital and talked with our nurse and sure enough she had forgotten to give it to us. So he said to come in the next day to the office and get it there. So this morning we did just that, back downtown again to get yet another shot!!

It was one long day and pretty traumatic for me, but Stephen said I did a good job and it was worth it to at least try to see if the doctor could get baby moved. If we hadn't tried it and baby doesn't ever move on his/her own, we would have always wondered if it might have worked and wished we did. This also was good prep for me in case I do have to have a cesarean, which is looking more likely. My biggest concern was my reaction to the anesthetic so we will discuss all this with Dr. Barker at our next visit and see what he says. For now, we are trusting the Lord and thanking Him for all His blessings and for helping me through yesterday.

Thanks to everyone who is praying for us, we really need the continued prayer these next couple of weeks and for wisdom and guidance and peace! We know God has everything under control!