Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Letter 'A'

My oldest has recently become much more restless with every day activities and play, so I decided it might be time to start her on a few 3 year old 'lessons' and so far she is LOVING it! My husband and I are looking at some curriculum for her, which will make my life easier with another toddler running around too. But so far I have just Googled coloring pages and tracing pages for different letters of the alphabet and have found tons of free stuff! One site I've used the most and you will see in the pictures is Paper and the Pea. It is so fun to see her loving this! And little sister is also joining in at her level and ability and is also enjoying it. :-)

I had some colored foam sheets so thought it would be more fun to let her use scissors, which she ADORES using, to cut pieces for a collage on the alligator. And it wouldn't matter how she cut them, there is no precision just practice using the scissors. Then gluing on the green pieces to fill in the alligator was fun. (Note to Moms: don't turn your back for a moment, after this picture she cut her dress!) 

I love learning to use scissors!

Lots of concentration!

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