Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 18

Stephen and I just got back from our latest visit to the doctors for a check up on me and baby. I get so amazed and emotional every time I get to 'see' them on the ultrasound monitor and hear the little heart beat! We saw baby's head and brain, the little heart pumping, the spinal column, little arms waving and head moving around. Our doctor is a Christian and jokingly said, "Isn't it amazing what evolution has done!" To which we all laughed and discussed how we can't imagine anyone seeing a baby in a womb and all their organs growing at just the right rate and time, in just the right way to develop them into a full grown baby at birth and then beyond, and NOT realize that it was all designed by God! It truly is miraculous!

We may have a slight problem that can be addressed. I had blood work done 4 weeks ago, and today the doctor told me my blood type is O negative. I didn't know my type before then. Anyway, that can be a problem if Stephen's type isn't the same or compatible to mine because then baby's could also be incompatible with mine. But they will give me an injection at 26-28 weeks if needed to make sure my body doesn't reject the baby. And if Stephen's is compatible with mine we won't need to worry. He will have his blood typed and see what it is and then we will know what to do from there. But God is looking after us and at least we are informed and have a great doctor to help us too!

I am feeling SO much better, had a burst of energy this past Monday and cleaned the entire house, went grocery shopping, and helped Stephen in the garden! Tuesdays are always busy as I teach piano lessons most of the day. So Wed I decided to take it easy and today I am off to run some errands! I am having the start of the food cravings, though, and at the moment it is for McDonalds fries and grape soda!! I wish I could just crave healthy things!! I am eating healthy for the most part, lots of veggies and fresh fruit.

The pictures are of the baby's brain and spine. When Stephen saw the brain he was very impressed and said that we will have a very clever child! He's wanting to teach the little one calculus by the time they are 2 years old!! I told him not to get his hopes up!! LOL

Friday, April 23, 2010

Veg Garden

Stephen and I have been working on our veggie garden and it is mostly all planted now. We are so excited about all the lovely veggies we will be eating this summer straight from our garden. Stephen put in the most hard labor as he dug the ground all by hand. It took him some time to get it all dug over and the ground broken up, but he did a great job.

I think we may invest in a tiller for next year, but this worked and Stephen said he enjoyed the exercise. He shoveled off the top soil and then broke up the clay-like dirt underneath, then worked the top soil back in. He then mixed in some fertilizer. I planted the seeds in seed trays and started them indoors. We have corn, green beans, yellow squash, zucchini (courgette), okra, onions, tomatoes, and cabbage. The corn shot up the quickest! We planted them out last Saturday.

They are all growing well and seem very happy out there! So exciting growing things!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 16

Wow time is just flying by! I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing, but then time does seem to go by faster the older you get. I am doing so much better the last couple of weeks. The nausea has gone except for when I smell things that don't smell good to me, which is a couple of rooms in my house! Anyway, been catching up with housework and also started a veggie garden with Stephen. He is doing most of the digging and I planted the seeds in my seed trays. They were sprouted on 1 week and Stephen is now frantically trying to get the ground tilled and ready so we can plant the very fast growing plants!

Spring is here in full bloom, the trees look just lovely, but they are also causing allergy problems for many people and there is a yellow film of pollen everywhere! I'm trying to wait until the trees are done before washing my windows. I have had a lot of sneezing problems from the pollen, but managing without needing any medication.

I'm growing in the belly area, just about out of all my regular clothes. I've got a few things that were a little big for me before that I am able to wear now. My weekly e-mail about baby said that baby will start on a growth spurt for the next couple of weeks, so I am preparing to be hungry a lot and for bigger clothes!! I've not gained much weight as far as the scales go, just re-distributing! I am eating healthy for the most part, just have sugar cravings every now and then and cheesy things like cheese chip (crisps) and crackers and cheese in general!!

Made these little baby booties I saw on a Martha Stewart show and got the pattern off of their web-site. They are yellow and green so should be ok for a boy or girl! Stephen and I are talking about names, but I think we will keep them a surprise for when the baby is born, and also we won't know the gender until then either. We are both getting very excited! Stephen talks to the little one and rubs my belly. It is so sweet! We are reading the Bible out loud together for baby to hear and I try to play the piano and sing every day too. I'm hoping he/she will be musical in some way, but we will love them no matter what!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rough day with the blood work!

Went for my 3rd check-up with the doctor today and got to see and hear baby again! Such a precious life growing in me! Listen to me I'm already being a proud mommy!! Everything seems to be fine, baby is growing normally as far as Dr. Barker can see from the ultra sound today. I was due also to have the routine blood work done today. So I sat down in the chair and a nurse came to start taking blood and asked me if I had problems with having blood taken. I told her no as I've never had any trouble before. I have a 'road map' on my arms you can see my veins quite well! So she started to get in and had trouble getting into the vein as she said it kept moving. It started hurting and so she pulled the needle out. Then another nurse came in and tried the other arm, having the same trouble. By that time the first nurse could see me going white and asked me if I was ok. To which I responded that I felt sick at my stomach. I literally started feeling extremely nauseous and then light in the head. So she handed me an alcohol towelette and made me sniff it to stay awake and the other nurse was about done. Finally they were done and had the blood, but I was hot and dizzy, so they got me a Sprite and I sipped that while trying to take deep breaths! I felt so silly as I've never had that trouble before, but the nurse said that it was a mixture of them hurting me by trying to get into my veins and then sometimes being pregnant makes it worse too. It took me quite a while to get over it, and when I finally got to my car, I just sat there for a few minutes to make sure I was ok before driving.
I'm still feeling a little weak and think I'll take a short nap this afternoon. So that was my exciting morning experience! But at least everything is going well with the baby and it's development. They will tell me the results of the blood work and also make sure my blood type isn't going to cause trouble with the baby's blood type. I should hear in a week or so. I am feeling so much better too, praise the Lord!
Looking forward to the Easter celebrations this weekend. We are having lots of special music and scripture reading around the crucifixion and resurrection this Sunday. Then we are having dinner at church with everyone bringing something. Praying for visitors and ways to keep ministering to our community and reaching them with the gospel message! Happy Easter to everyone!