Thursday, March 18, 2010

Expectant Mom

Tweleve weeks ago I found out that I am going to be a Mom! What wonderful news! We were very surprised at first, but became more excited as the weeks went by. I had my first appointment with the doctor at 6 weeks and there I saw my baby for the first time on the monitor during the ultra sound and I also heard the little one's heartbeat! I became very emotional hearing the heartbeat, so very strong but little, and the realization that I truly was carrying a baby hit me. I knew it before, but seeing and hearing made it so much more real. I walked out of that visit telling Stephen that I could NOT believe that people could ever think of aborting their child! It truly is a human life inside of me, one that God has entrusted me to protect and cherish, and that is a huge but lovely responsibility. It is also amazing how God is growing my little one every day!
I have suffered with morning sickness, and the aversion to smells especially scented things like shampoo, body wash, plug in airfreshners, and perfumes. The first couple of weeks I searched for unscented everything, or at least scents I could stand! Stephen was banned from wearing cologne and had to start using my unscented deodorant. I have finally found things that work. I also have been trying to find foods that help with my morning sickness, and apples and cereal seem to be doing the trick! But now at 12 weeks I am actually starting to feel much better and I have more energy, though still not like I used too!
At my 10 week visit, the baby had developed little hands and legs and was just swinging and kicking away! Everything seems to be going well for both me and baby. I am so thankful for all the prayers and encouragement from friends and family. Stephen is so excited about becoming a dad. He kisses my belly every day, sometimes just walks by and rubs the belly, and talks to the baby!
I will try to keep this updated with baby news and how I'm progressing to share with you all! I am very blessed and so thankful for God's working in our lives!

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