Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 26

Had a lot more lower back and hip pain this week, so I finally invested in a pregnancy pillow and it helped me sleep last night. I haven't had a good nights sleep in a couple of days so that was a blessing! Went for my next check-up at the doctors and had to have my glucose blood work and the rhogan shot because Stephen's blood is positive and mine is negative. It wasn't much fun but everything is ok so far. I had the nurse lay me down for the blood work because of my 'episode' of nearly fainting the last time. Thankfully she was able to get my vein the first time and it wasn't such a big ordeal as previously. The rhogan shot went in the hip and it was a bit painful but not too bad. At least we got to see baby again on the ultra-sound and he/she weighs 2 lbs and is growing in the 54th percentile, so right on target! The doctor is very happy with everything and I haven't heard back about my glucose test which is usually good news. I would hear from them sooner if there was a problem. Now if I can just get my back sorted I'll be doing great! I may need to call my chiropractor if I don't see much relief in the next couple of days. We'll see if he can work his magic on my back!! At least the pregnancy pillow is helping me sleep for now. But it will all be worth it in a couple of months when we're holding that precious one in our arms! Praising the Lord for all He is doing in our lives!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Decorating Baby's Room

We are having so much fun preparing for our little one. Stephen and I decided to paint the baby's room, even though it was already a neutral color, to have something fresh. The bedding we have for baby is Winnie-the-Pooh and it has some sage green leaves, so we decided on a pale sage green color. It's hard to see in the pictures with the light coming through the windows, but it's like the gingham in the basket liners. We painted a coat of white primer and then only had to do one coat of the green and it looks so lovely! The crib (cot) and changer came and we picked up the mattress and rocker/glider from Wal-Mart. They were very easy to put together, the stain color is 'espresso' and looks nice in contrast to the pale green walls and should all look great with the bedding.

Also got some pictures of some of the gifts for baby that people have already sent. I also got a beautiful, handmade diaper (nappy) bag from a relation of Stephen's we met on Saturday at the Hall family summer party. She just took me out to her car and had me choose one I liked! She is so sweet and does an amazing job making these bags.

I'll post more pictures as I continue to decorate. I've got plans for shelves and I need to get my pictures framed and hung that I have painted too. It's all so exciting and I'm looking forward to the baby coming in a couple of months!

This is a picture of the bedding. We'll get it at our baby shower and then we can set it up!