Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 18

Stephen and I just got back from our latest visit to the doctors for a check up on me and baby. I get so amazed and emotional every time I get to 'see' them on the ultrasound monitor and hear the little heart beat! We saw baby's head and brain, the little heart pumping, the spinal column, little arms waving and head moving around. Our doctor is a Christian and jokingly said, "Isn't it amazing what evolution has done!" To which we all laughed and discussed how we can't imagine anyone seeing a baby in a womb and all their organs growing at just the right rate and time, in just the right way to develop them into a full grown baby at birth and then beyond, and NOT realize that it was all designed by God! It truly is miraculous!

We may have a slight problem that can be addressed. I had blood work done 4 weeks ago, and today the doctor told me my blood type is O negative. I didn't know my type before then. Anyway, that can be a problem if Stephen's type isn't the same or compatible to mine because then baby's could also be incompatible with mine. But they will give me an injection at 26-28 weeks if needed to make sure my body doesn't reject the baby. And if Stephen's is compatible with mine we won't need to worry. He will have his blood typed and see what it is and then we will know what to do from there. But God is looking after us and at least we are informed and have a great doctor to help us too!

I am feeling SO much better, had a burst of energy this past Monday and cleaned the entire house, went grocery shopping, and helped Stephen in the garden! Tuesdays are always busy as I teach piano lessons most of the day. So Wed I decided to take it easy and today I am off to run some errands! I am having the start of the food cravings, though, and at the moment it is for McDonalds fries and grape soda!! I wish I could just crave healthy things!! I am eating healthy for the most part, lots of veggies and fresh fruit.

The pictures are of the baby's brain and spine. When Stephen saw the brain he was very impressed and said that we will have a very clever child! He's wanting to teach the little one calculus by the time they are 2 years old!! I told him not to get his hopes up!! LOL

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