Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rough day with the blood work!

Went for my 3rd check-up with the doctor today and got to see and hear baby again! Such a precious life growing in me! Listen to me I'm already being a proud mommy!! Everything seems to be fine, baby is growing normally as far as Dr. Barker can see from the ultra sound today. I was due also to have the routine blood work done today. So I sat down in the chair and a nurse came to start taking blood and asked me if I had problems with having blood taken. I told her no as I've never had any trouble before. I have a 'road map' on my arms you can see my veins quite well! So she started to get in and had trouble getting into the vein as she said it kept moving. It started hurting and so she pulled the needle out. Then another nurse came in and tried the other arm, having the same trouble. By that time the first nurse could see me going white and asked me if I was ok. To which I responded that I felt sick at my stomach. I literally started feeling extremely nauseous and then light in the head. So she handed me an alcohol towelette and made me sniff it to stay awake and the other nurse was about done. Finally they were done and had the blood, but I was hot and dizzy, so they got me a Sprite and I sipped that while trying to take deep breaths! I felt so silly as I've never had that trouble before, but the nurse said that it was a mixture of them hurting me by trying to get into my veins and then sometimes being pregnant makes it worse too. It took me quite a while to get over it, and when I finally got to my car, I just sat there for a few minutes to make sure I was ok before driving.
I'm still feeling a little weak and think I'll take a short nap this afternoon. So that was my exciting morning experience! But at least everything is going well with the baby and it's development. They will tell me the results of the blood work and also make sure my blood type isn't going to cause trouble with the baby's blood type. I should hear in a week or so. I am feeling so much better too, praise the Lord!
Looking forward to the Easter celebrations this weekend. We are having lots of special music and scripture reading around the crucifixion and resurrection this Sunday. Then we are having dinner at church with everyone bringing something. Praying for visitors and ways to keep ministering to our community and reaching them with the gospel message! Happy Easter to everyone!

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