Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 16

Wow time is just flying by! I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing, but then time does seem to go by faster the older you get. I am doing so much better the last couple of weeks. The nausea has gone except for when I smell things that don't smell good to me, which is a couple of rooms in my house! Anyway, been catching up with housework and also started a veggie garden with Stephen. He is doing most of the digging and I planted the seeds in my seed trays. They were sprouted on 1 week and Stephen is now frantically trying to get the ground tilled and ready so we can plant the very fast growing plants!

Spring is here in full bloom, the trees look just lovely, but they are also causing allergy problems for many people and there is a yellow film of pollen everywhere! I'm trying to wait until the trees are done before washing my windows. I have had a lot of sneezing problems from the pollen, but managing without needing any medication.

I'm growing in the belly area, just about out of all my regular clothes. I've got a few things that were a little big for me before that I am able to wear now. My weekly e-mail about baby said that baby will start on a growth spurt for the next couple of weeks, so I am preparing to be hungry a lot and for bigger clothes!! I've not gained much weight as far as the scales go, just re-distributing! I am eating healthy for the most part, just have sugar cravings every now and then and cheesy things like cheese chip (crisps) and crackers and cheese in general!!

Made these little baby booties I saw on a Martha Stewart show and got the pattern off of their web-site. They are yellow and green so should be ok for a boy or girl! Stephen and I are talking about names, but I think we will keep them a surprise for when the baby is born, and also we won't know the gender until then either. We are both getting very excited! Stephen talks to the little one and rubs my belly. It is so sweet! We are reading the Bible out loud together for baby to hear and I try to play the piano and sing every day too. I'm hoping he/she will be musical in some way, but we will love them no matter what!!

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