I LOVE to make things whether crafts, sewing, knitting, quilting, painting, or cake decorating! Having 2 toddlers often means that this part of my life isn't as productive as I would like, but I try to find time, especially to make things for them or family members. My grandma was a brilliant seamstress and as I sit and stitch my mind often wonders to what it would have been like to know her as a young mother and see her hands sew each loving stitch. She is now with the Lord and I don't remember seeing her sew much in person as she suffered from macular degeneration in her midlife until her home going. Sewing became harder for her since she couldn't see, but she always had a precious loving spirit about her. As I sew I think of her and ask God to develop qualities in me through the time spent in sewing for my family or others.

Here are a few projects:
Rapunzel Dress Up Dress
Eldest's Birthday Cake
Feeling Creative
Baby Booties
Teddy Bear Painting

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