Friday, February 24, 2012

Serving Christ

Recently my husband and I put together an Excel spreadsheet of our use of time. We separated everything into our family's categories and wrote down the time we spent on each one on average. My husband then made it into a pie chart to get a better visual picture and we were shocked at many things. But one thing that did stand out to us was how little time we actually put into church or ministry related activities. It was a measly 4% of our time each week! And here we were thinking we were doing SO much for God! Often we would find ourselves grumbling about how much time church would take. Satan always likes to get in there and get us to think about a LIE instead of the TRUTH which only comes from God. This also prodded me into thinking about what else I could do as a mother and wife, and our family as a whole, to carry out the great commission of getting the gospel out to people around us. While reading through the book of Acts, I found this wonderful excerpt from the "Family Life Marriage Bible." This was written by Dennis and Barbara Rainey and was immensely helpful to me:

We Are Part of the Solution
"The Army of God needs fresh troops. The enemy is real. The message is powerful. The hour couldn't be more urgent. And God wants to use you and your family to do just what he did in the book of Acts, "And the word of the Lord was being spread throughout all the region" (13:49). 'So what do I do?' you ask. How can my spouse and I be a part of what God is doing? Here are a few ideas. Together, we will make a difference.
1. Hold an evangelistic dinner party at your home for a few couples.
2. Host a Good News Club for children in your neighborhood.
3. Purchase a bundle of The Four Spiritual Laws [or some other tract/booklet] booklet. Leave some on your desk for people to pick up and read. Put some in your pocket or purse. Share them or give them away as you do your errands.
4. Show your children how to share their faith and invite a neighborhood child to go to church.
5. Host an evangelical coffee a couple of weeks before Christmas for your neighborhood or friends.
6. Share Christ with the next person you sit next to on a plane, bus or train.
7. Host a HomeBuilders Bible study with three or four couples who need to know Christ.
The mission of the church hasn't changed in over 2,000 years. We're still called to help spread the gospel to all people. Make your home the springboard for sharing the greatest news the world has ever heard!"

These word have challenged and inspired me to do more in reaching others for the cause of Christ. Sharing the wonderful news of a Savior who has come to give forgiveness and eternal life!! What will you do?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cute Quote

Loved watching "Despicable Me", so sweet how he is won over by 3 precious girls! And this quote made both me and Stephen laugh! We've wondered the same thing over some children's books!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Julia's First Birthday Cake

Loved doing this one for my daughter's first birthday back in September! It was strawberry cake with butter-cream icing with some fondant decorations. Shame she wasn't able to eat it with our concerns for a wheat allergy at the time.

So I made her a gluten free cake for her own!! She wasn't too sure about it but liked to lick the icing off!