Thursday, May 13, 2010

Halfway There

I cannot believe I am halfway through the pregnancy! The time is just flying by. Stephen said that it will go even faster when the baby comes, and I just can't believe it. All is going well, though, I am feeling great, have more energy and really enjoying my second trimester.

This week was my birthday, I turned 32, can't believe that either! I had a good day, met Stephen for our coffee date at Starbucks after lunch, then went to teach my piano and voice students at my studio at the Presbyterian Church, then came home to presents and leftovers! We are going to eat out at my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs, tomorrow to celebrate too. Stephen bought me a beautiful pearl necklace for my birthday which I've been wearing every day this week so far! We are celebrating with James and Brittany on Saturday too, so that should also be lots of fun. Just an extended celebration!

Had a lovely morning with a friend from church, Michelle. She introduced me to the area just a couple miles north of us, Ooltewah. They have an organic and homegrown food market/health food store, and a lovely park with some nice walks around. We also went to the library for 'story time' for her kids and it was so sweet! It reminded me of when I taught kindergarten music. And they have a really nice Wal-Mart there which I think I will be going to for my grocery shopping in the future. The Wal-Mart I've been going to is under renovation and a big mess. And it doesn't always have the things I was used too. Anyway, it was a lovely morning!

I'm preparing still for baby, I bought brand new cloth diapers/nappies last week from e-bay for a GREAT price! Then another friend of mine purchased some more for me second hand from someone who hardly used them and they look new! So I should just about have enough now for the first 6 months; then I may need some bigger outer wraps as baby grows. It is so great how things are coming together.

The weather is getting very warm and I am concerned with July and August weather! I guess I will just stay in the house with the air-conditioning on and under a ceiling fan too!! Nothing like hibernating in the summer! LOL We'll see how it goes. I also need to purchase some more clothes, I now officially cannot get into any of my regular clothes. I have permission from my husband to get some more things so I shall be off to the shops and pray for bargains!

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