Friday, September 17, 2010

5 days to go!

Can't believe I am coming to the end of my first pregnancy, expectantly awaiting the arrival of my first child!! WOW! It has just flown by and I know the days, weeks, and years ahead will go by just as quickly. Our life truly is a vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away, as the Lord says in His Word. But I am trying to embrace every day, every new things, each change and enjoy it and remember and cherish it! I don't want to ever hold too tightly to the past that I cannot enjoy today or look forward to the future!

Baby is still in breech position, so the doctor has scheduled us in for a cesarean on Wed. Sept 22nd at 7:30am. So unless he/she moves into the correct position before then, we will have a baby on Wed! I am very excited about it and frankly am really ready to have this one! Because his/her head is up there is a lot of pressure on my upper tummy and it is getting more and more uncomfortable to carry this one each day! But I am SO thankful that I have not had any major complications other than the breech and baby and I are both very healthy. The doctor even checked my cervix to see how I was doing for future VBAC and I am already 3cm dilated, so if baby was head down I would be ahead of the game for labor. But God knows what He is doing and I am continually reminded of His care and love for me every day!

And through all of this I have the most wonderful, supportive and godly husband who has encouraged me each step of the way! God truly blessed me with Stephen and I thank the Lord for him every day! He truly is my best friend, my confidant, my companion, my leader, and my lover! And he was SO worth the wait!!! We are just such a blessed couple and soon to be family of our own! It is wonderful how God designed all this, to leave father and mother, cleave to each other and weave our lives together, starting another generation for His glory!! May the Lord protect our home and make us godly companions and parents!

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