Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Girl!

I've realized how much I wrote about expecting Julia (though we didn't know if she was a boy or girl during my pregnancy) and how very little I write about expecting my next little girl! I guess it has something to do with running around after an 11 month old...WOW, where has that time gone?!

It was so exciting to find out a month ago that we are having another little girl! We have named her Ashleigh Faith and can't wait to meet her in person! This pregnancy has been fairly similar to the last, except I feel sure the morning sickness was worse with Ashleigh in the first trimester, but I am SO thankful that I am finished with that for now. I feel her moving and kicking in there most of the time and I am very thankful for that. I know she is doing well and is healthy! We went to see the doctor this week and she now weighs 1lb and 7oz, getting bigger every day.

I am also enjoying knowing that this is a girl and calling her by name when we talk about her. It has made it even sweeter. Oh it was lots of fun waiting to find out with Julia, but I am also enjoying knowing with Ashleigh and glad we got to experience both ways. Technology is amazing now and I LOVE getting to 'see' her on the screen at each visit, watch her move and see how her head has grown, etc. It truly is amazing how God is forming this child inside of me. What a miracle!

Julia is growing up SO quickly and at this age she is just changing every day. I try to take pictures and video to remember these little events. She took her first steps on Sunday, 4 in all, and that is about all she will continue to do each time, but she is getting braver as the days go by! I know she will be running around before I know it, getting in to more things too! LOL :) But I love being a Mom and feel so privileged to be one to this precious little girl, and sister on the way! It has had it's challenges and I know will continue to do so, but the rewards and the end reward of a grown and godly women will be worth it all! Every day as I already deal with discipline issues I am reminded of my Dad's saying that I can either raise my children now when they are young, or I will be raising them for the rest of my life. I truly want them to learn to love God and first, have a personal relationship with Him. Then to grow in grace and knowledge of Him and to have godly character. That is more important than that they are the best sports player, musician, business mind, etc. And requires that I also grow in these things too, for how can I model and teach that if I am not doing it first?! What a challenge and opportunity for my life!!

Also can't forget my most wonderful husband who takes SUCH great care of all of us every single day! Who model's Christ in everything he does and puts serving the Lord as our top family priority in every facet of our lives. I thank God every day for bringing us together to love each other, our children and most of all our Saviour! I would not be where I am in life if it wasn't for the grace of God I truly do not deserve, but He loved me SO MUCH He gave His life for me that I could have a new life in Him here and a home in heaven!

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