Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson from Two Little Birds

As I sit on my couch and look out of my living room window, I can see the top of the pillars that hold up the roof to our front porch. At the top of one it makes a small ledge and there a little family of birds (not sure the type) have decided to make a nest. I've been watching the progress over the last couple of days and I have learned so many things.

The little husband and wife bird both work tirelessly at collecting twigs, grass, and straw to make their little nest. I haven't seen them take a coffee break to 'reward themselves' after a half hour's worth of work, they just keep at it. Diligence is the word that came to my mind.

They also work together without fussing and fighting at each other. Their actions seems to be seamless, with one bringing twigs and the other meticulously weaving them into the nest. There seems to be different roles between them too, and I've not seen them having a debate over whether collecting the twigs or weaving them is more "important" or "subservient" a job than the other. They understand and embrace their roles and the job continues to be accomplished.

Then adversity came the other day and a huge gust of wind knocked down all their hard work. I didn't see them weeping and wailing over the loss, but picking up the pieces and humbly and patiently starting all over again.

As I watch this little bird family each day it, seems like God is reminding me of these little lessons. "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork." Psalm 19:1. All of God's creation declares His glory even in the very small things, like the birds. What a challenge to those of us who are His children to do the same thing, even in the very small things of life.

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