Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 29

Time is just zooming past at an incredible rate! All is well at the Hall household, baby seems to be doing just fine, moving around in there which is so precious to feel. My glucose results came back normal and I am not anemic which is all great! I did have the rhogan shot as Stephen is O+, but it all was fine. We get a 3-D ultrasound this Thursday, which I am so excited about! We should be able to see baby more distinctly as long as baby co-operates with positions and doesn't have his/her back to us!

The nursery is coming along a little more. My cousin and aunt gave us their presents early so we now have the curtain, lamp, and diaper stacker in the room. It's starting to look so cute! We moved Stephen's chest of drawers in there too and have some ornaments that have been given to baby on there. I got my cloth diapers I had ordered in the mail and I am so pleased! They are so cute! I am washing them at the moment as they need to go through a couple of washes to make them absorbant. We should have everything ready for diapering now!

I'm making some thank you cards to give out to people who have given us some lovely baby presents already, and for the showers coming up. I'm having so much fun with all these baby things

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  1. Looks like such a welcoming and comfortable place for the baby!