Friday, January 15, 2010

What Grace Is Mine

As I look back over this past year, and even years before, I can see the hand of God working in my life in every aspect. I have accomplished many things this past year: getting married, teaching middle school chorus, searching for and then purchasing a house, moving into our house and setting it up, teaching piano and voice, playing piano for church, organizing ladies meetings and special events at church, and the list goes on. But I NEVER would have been able to accomplish any of this or even have these things in my life were it not for the grace that God bestows on me every day. He is the real reason I have what I have and can do what I do. I am very humbled by His love for me and His desire to change me to become more like Him. Yet I fail the Lord so often and my lack of giving Him control in every area of my life causes me to not be as successful and limits my abilities. This year I pray I will give more to the Lord in every area of my life and see what great things He will do!

The inspiration for the title of this post comes from a Keith and Kristin Getty hymn set to the tune of "Danny Boy" or "Londonderry Air" and here are the words:

What grace is mine that He who dwells in endless light
Called through the night to find my distant soul
And from his scars poured mercy that would plead for me
That I might live and in his name be known

So I will go wherever He is calling me
I lose my life to find my life in Him
I give my all to gain the hope that never dies
I bow my heart, take up my cross and follow Him

What grace is mine to know His breath alive in me
Beneath his wings my wakened soul may soar
All fear can flee for death's dark night is overcome
My Saviour lives and reigns forevermore

So I will go....

I sang this at church the other week and it is my heart's desire to follow the Lord's leading everyday in the simple, little things of life as well as the bigger ones. What less could I do for One who has given such abundant grace!

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